Tips on caring for your work of art

Where to hang your painting

Humidity, temperature and light are the three most important considerations when deciding where to hang your painting or work of art.


  • Air conditioning or heat pump outlets and wall heaters.
  • Direct sunlight and lighting that emits UV light or heat.
  • Pollutants and airborne particles. E.g. areas near a fireplace or a place people smoke.
  • Lofts, attics, basements and garages - temperature and humidity can reach extremes!
  • Hanging on outside walls, as there are greater temperature fluctuations. Hang on internal walls where possible.
  • Bathrooms and laundry rooms - both high humidity spots.


Lights can produce heat that could damage the artwork in time. Some pigments and dyes used in the painting may fade or discolour due to exposure from ultraviolet (UV) light.

Ensure your windows have tinting to reduce UV light damage of artwork and carpets.

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Ideally the humidity will be 30-40% relative humidity.