Dear ChristaHand coloured photo on glass
Enclosed please find cheque for restoration of old family picture. It almost moved me to tears to see something that I had viewed from my very early years restored so beautifully. I am the little girl with the ringlets. I am now almost 83. You have done a beautiful job of restoration – I am so grateful.
Yours gratefully

Dear Christa
I am most pleased with your restoration work and to have
my 'lady' up on the wall again – she creates a lot of interest.
Many thanks again
Lotte Print after restoration

Hello Christa
Thought I would forward a photo of the Lotte print (right) to you. We had her framed and she is now hanging in our living room. She is beautiful and I have already forgotten the amount of money we spent. When I was a child she used to hang in my parents lounge, they were smokers as you can imagine. I always thought her dress was yellow! When I saw her for the first time cleaned I couldn't believe the difference.
Thank you again for your fantastic work.


Hello Christa,
The prints arrived safely yesterday afternoon. I am so pleased to tell you that I am thrilled with the results! Your work on the damaged print is truly amazing! I know the cracks must have been a difficult task, but you made the print look so much better. The crack is nowhere Digitally restored printnear as visible now and the image looks a lot less fragile! I am so happy with it. And as for the reprint, it is overwhelmingly gorgeous! I can't wait to get it framed and know it will look stunning showcased on the wall!

These are truly some of my fondest and rarest Marilyn treasures, so I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. Thank you for all your hard work. You did an outstanding job!
All the very best and here's to a Merry Christmas! :)
Kind regards,