Photo Restoration
in NZ and Australia

Photo restoration is the art and science of restoring old and/or damaged photos back to their original or to a near-original condition.

We can work on the original photo by hand or create a new image using digital photo restoration.

Matching colours

My friend's father passed away recently and she loved this photo of her parents which had badly faded. She bought in her mother's dress and her father's tie and jersey. I matched the colours exactly.

Hand-tinted photos

We restore hand-coloured photos, sepia photos and photos on glass or porcelain.

Damage from silverfish and rodents

Certain insects and rodents like to feed on paper. The most common insect enemies of paper are silverfish and book lice. Silverfish like damp, cool environments.

The surface of this photo had been eaten by silverfish. We built up the damaged areas and touched it up by hand, carefully matching the delicate colours of this hand-coloured photograph.

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Old Photo before and after restoration
Roll your mouse over the image - after and before

Photo eaten by silverfish
Roll your mouse over the image - before and after

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