Oil and Acrylic
Painting Restoration
in NZ and Australia

Picture restoration is the art and science of restoring old and/or damaged paintings back to their original or a near-original condition.

Paintings on canvas

The canvas of a painting might be punctured or torn, or may have split at the edges of the stretcher. The painting may have a sagging or loose canvas, or dents or bulges.

Paintings on wood

If painted on a wood panel rather than canvas, you may see splits and cracks in the wood. The wood backing or frame could have insect damage from insects such as borer.

Layers of dirt and varnish

The image may appear to have areas of cracked, loose or flaking paint It may have lost paint or have faded. It may have yellow/brown darkened varnish, dirt and dust as well as mildew or mould on the surface. Dirt may be acidic and can speed up the breakdown of the canvas and/or wood making it brittle and vulnerable to knocks and blows.

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Oil Painting After restoration
Roll your mouse over the image - after and before

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Roll your mouse over the image - before and after

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