Object and Textile Restoration
in NZ and Australia

Object Restoration

We offer all aspects of conservation treatment, including cleaning, structural repair, restoration and preservation, and documentation of 3D art objects and artifacts, such as glass, ceramics, metal, wood and plaster.

We can repair broken, cracked, chipped items and sculpting, attach replacement pieces, update colours (including silver, gold and patina), restore antiquing or style of object.

Textile Restoration

We also offer comprehensive care of textile artifacts and family heirlooms such as quilts, samplers, lace and embroideries, contemporary textiles and fibre arts.

Common damage found in textiles include fading, yellowing or other discoloration, creases and distortion, bleeding of colours or dye transfer, staining or soiling, fibre degradation, and mechanical damage or loss.

Textiles do degrade over time, particularly more delicate fibres such as silk. However, improper storage, display, and handling can accelerate the natural degradation processes.


You may also be interested in gilding.

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Textile restoration

Gold rimmed bowl

Close up - gold rimmed bowl