Frequently Asked Questions on Restoring Art

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Do you handle insurance work?

Yes. I restore many artworks which have been damaged by water, fire or in transit. You can either contact me directly or contact me via your insurance company.

How long will it take?

I work on many pictures 'at the same time' to allow for drying time in between work processes. I attend to each picture in the order it arrives at my studio. Some take longer than others, depending on the damage. After initial examination I will be able to give you an approximate time for the work to be carried out. The major cost of any restoration work is time.

Do you offer free online assessments and informal quotes?

Yes, I am happy to provide a free online assessment when multiple detailed photos and dimensions are supplied, or if you bring it to my studio or to one of my clinics. If I need to travel to your home to inspect or pick up art works a fee may apply, which I deduct from the total cost for restoration.

Do you charge for a formal written quotation?

Written assessment quotations and estimates will incur a small fee, which is later deducted when work goes ahead.

Do I need to pay a deposit first?

Estimates for restoration procedures over NZ$500 require a 50% deposit before work begins.

Can a hole in a picture be restored?

Yes, in my many years of working as an art restorer I have repaired all sorts of damage to paintings, from a chair leg having gone through the canvas, to a shotgun 'wound' on the forehead of a portrait. Each painting comes to me with a different problem or ailment. I assess each one and carefully consider the treatment.

Will the picture have to come out of the frame?

Yes, usually. In order to clean the surface and torso of a painting I need to disassemble the picture and the framing. After the work is completed I reassemble all parts. If the client so wishes I can arrange for the picture to be re-framed.

Can my artwork be sent by courier?

Yes, half of the artwork that comes to my studio for restoration arrives by courier. I have used many different courier agencies for my work to be delivered and have never had any problems. See more information on shipping if you wish to package the picture yourself or contact a professional packing service.

Will the restoration work damage the painting?

No, all restoration procedures are reversible without loss to the artwork - meaning it will not change the original work.

My painting has sentimental value only - will you still be able to help?

Yes, occasionally a painting may not be worth a huge amount at auction, but is of enormous sentimental value to the owner, passed down as a family heirloom or a souvenir of a special occasion. By taking care of your picture now, you will enable future generations of your family to enjoy a painting whose ageing process has now been slowed down, and will once again be seen in fine condition. All artwork is treated professionally and respectfully.

Is it worth restoring?

If the painting doesn't have sentimental value and you are concerned that you would be making too big an investment in it, I recommend having the painting appraised prior to bringing it to my studio.

Do email me with any other questions you may have.


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