Art Services in NZ & Australia


Restore Old Painted Furniture
Antique and Wood Furniture Restoration

We repair and restore painted furniture, keeping the patina.


Rush seating restoration

Rush Seating

Repair, re-weave or restring many different styles of antique chair. We can weave rush seating onto new chairs and stools.


Object restorationObject and Textile Restoration

We restore and preserve 3D art objects and artifacts, such as glass, ceramics, metal, wood and plaster, quilts, samplers and other textiles. More...




Gilding - applying gold leaf to document seals, frames and other items


We can apply thin layers of gold, simulated gold or other metal to a surface of your choice. More...



Old frame restoration

Frame Restoration

We clean and repair old frames, restore old moldings, repaint and regild them.



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